Forza Horizon 5: Can You Change the Time of Day?

Forza Horizon 5 takes place on a huge open-world map based on Mexico. It has dynamic weather and seasons, as well as a day-night cycle. It's a little unclear at first as to the exact timings of night and day, and whether you're able to change the time manually. We'll explain all of this in this guide, and offer some tips on triggering night time by choosing specific events. Here's whether or not you can change the time of day.

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Forza Horizon 5: Can You Change the Time of Day?

No, you cannot manually change the time of day in Forza Horizon 5. This applies to free roam, where day will progress naturally as you play. A full cycle is around 1 hour 40 minutes, with the last 10 minutes or so being considered night. You will need to wait until night rolls around if you want to do some night driving, and you won't really get a lot of time to do so.

The location of a night race, shown in the top lefthand corner of the Forza Horizon 5 map
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How to Trigger Night Time Manually

While the day-night cycle will run on its own automatically, there is a way to force the game into night. This can be done by taking on specific events that only take place at night. Many street races like the Ruta Norte event shown above take place at night, so are a great place to get some night-time photos of your vehicles.

That's how the time of day works in Forza Horizon 5. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on Photo Mode. Elsewhere there's our look at the Best Drag Cars in the game.

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