Where To Find Books On Explosions In Fortnite?

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Credit: Image via YouTube (EveryDay FN)

Fortnite Season 7 is slowly inching towards it's explosive season finale. That being said, we need to be prepared for whatever the fallout could be.

And nothing beats reading a book in order to prepare for the worst kind of fallouts. And the Fortnite week 12 challenges have the perfect task to prepare us for the eventuality.


Where to find books on explosions in Fortnite?

You need to get your hands on two separate books in order to complete this Fortnite weekly challenge. But then again, you have six different options to choose from.

There are three locations with two books each. So you could land at any of these locations to find these books.

#1 Steamy Stacks

Land at Steamy Stacks and head into the building right behind the UFO you find parked here. Remember to eliminate the I.O. guards before you do anything else.

The first book can be found inside the building behind the UFO. Head inside the door and move to your right. You'll see a small seating area. The book can be found right beside the entrance here.

From here, make your way out into the open, and you'll see a small power station slightly to your right. Make your way into the building and you'll see the second book to the right.


Here's a map to help you find the locations.

Here's where you find the first two books on explosions in Fortnite.
Image via Fortnite.gg

#2 Dirty Docks

Just like Steamy Stacks, there are two books here too. For the first book, make your way to the centre of the POI where a lot of containers are stacked.

Head over to the place where you'll see a tilted container with a huge Meowscles logo on the body. You'll find the book right next to this container.

For the second book, make your way out of this place and head straight towards the edge of the POI. You'll find a few electric generators. The second book is placed close here itself.


Here's a map to help you find them.

Here's where you find the next two books on explosions in Fortnite.
Image via Fortnite.gg

#3 Catty Corner

The two books that you find here are not difficult to locate honestly. The first book is right at the Chonkers Custom garage.

Land here but don't step inside the garage. Instead go around the garage to your left. That's where you'll find the book.

For the second book on explosions, head directly opposite to the location where you found the first book. Make your way into the junkyard here. You will see the book lying on the ground.

Here's where you find the final two books on explosions in Fortnite.
Image via Fortnite.gg

Those are all the book locations in Fortnite. In case you're still having trouble finding those books, here's a video to help you out.

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