Where To Destroy Target Dummies In Fortnite?

There are only a couple of weeks left in Fortnite Season 7. And among all the challenges that we've seen in this season, the Fortnite week 12 challenges are a bit more challenging than the rest.

That makes sense, because we're in the end game, and Doctor Slone is planning on dealing some serious damage to the Mothership. Having said that, while the countermeasure is being planned, we need to get ourselves some target practice.

However, in order to get some range time under our belts, we would need to get our hands on I.O. weapons first.

Where to find I.O. weapons in Fortnite?

When it comes to I.O. weapons, the best place to look for these weapons in Fortnite is at I.O. bases. There are seven such bases on the island, but just for this challenge, we'll be looking at Defiant Dish.

Defiant Dish is where Rick Sanchez spawns. Moreover, there are a lot of I.O. chests that you will find here. To top that off, there are several I.O. guards here too.

You could either pick up a Pulse Rifle from the I.O. chests or defeat the I.O. guards and then snag their weapons. You could also use the Rail Gun but that's somewhat of an overkill.

Once you've picked up the weapon, you can make your way to the next half of the challenge.

Fortnite target dummy locations

In order to complete this challenge, there are four target dummies that you need to take care of. The first set is at Weeping Wood.

These dummies can be found towards your left, while descending from Defiant Dish, towards Weeping Woods. You'll see a couple of RVs huddled together. That is the exact spot you are looking for.

The yellow blips in the image is where you will find the target dummies in Fortnite
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Image via Fortnite.gg

Once you've eliminated both these dummies, you need to make your way to Slurpy Swamp, or whatever's left of it.

You will need to cross the road with the big slurp truck and make your way into the woods on the opposite end. There will be a campfire there. And these two dummies will be partying around the campfire.

You know what to do to these two dummies, Agent!

If you don't want to visit these two locations, feel free to drop into Risky Reels, or Corny Complex. You'll find target dummies there too!

Do remember, these dummies won't be active unless you've got the quest. So it's no point hunting for them if the quest isn't active. Secondly, don't try hitting them with a recon scanner. It won't work!

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