Fortnite Omega Knight - How to Get the New Skin

Image of Omega Knight in Fortnite.

Image of Omega Knight in Fortnite.

After an accidental reveal earlier in the week, the impressive (and intimidating) Fortnite Omega Knight skin has returned. A villainous itemset that first made an appearance way back in Chapter 1, if you missed it the first time around and need it to complete your collection, here's how to unlock the Fortnite Omega Knight skin.

If you're feeling lost in the sea of in-game events right now, follow on. We'll explain how you can get the Omega Knight skin and its associated accessories. We'll also explain exactly what the skin is, which may help you decide whether to aim for it or not. After all, there's no shortage of new skins this week.

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How Do I Get The Omega Knight Skin In Fortnite?

As with almost all the other skins in Fortnite, the only way to get Omega Knight is to purchase it through the Item Shop.

Omega Knight only appears in a specific bundle. There's more to it than just a few skins, styles, weapons, and back blings, however.

Image of Omega Knight in the Fortnite Item Shop.
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Is the Fortnite Omega Knight Skin Worth It?

The Omega Knight bundle costs 1.2k V-Buck to pick up, getting you the full Omega Knight set right off the bat. You can't buy individual pieces separately, but it's still a good deal for a skin of its calibre.

Better yet, it comes with weeks of exclusive quests that award a full Battle Pass level every single time. Given it costs 150 V-Bucks to buy a Battle Pass level, the 1.2k V-Bucks purchase price here gets you a total of 28 levels if you complete every quest - so 3.75k V-Bucks worth of Battle Pass levels - with a cool skin thrown on top for good measure. The quests even unlock exclusive accessories - just in case there wasn't enough in the bundle already.

Prior to his appearance as a buyable skin in the Item Shop, you could actually unlock Omega Knight through Battle Pass progression. He was the tier 100 reward in Chapter 1 Season 4, and as such only accessible to the most dedicated Fortnite players. Now, it's back and ready to boost people through the ranks.

What Is The Fortnite Omega Knight Skin?

The Omega Knight skin is one of the rarer cosmetic items in Fortnite, and the uncommon unlock procedure only adds to that. On a visual level it's just a highly stylised skin, mixing medieval aesthetics with futuristic design, but there are other styles and accessories on offer, too. That includes the Knight's Torment back bling, a pickaxe of the same name, and the Aurum Eques style to modify his appearance in new ways.

Of course, though, Fortnite cosmetic items harbour no tangible gameplay benefit, so don't worry about needing to have Omega Knight to perform better. Instead, it's a way for seasoned players to access a new skin, while also having some new quests to work towards to earn even more rewards.

That's it for our look at the Fortnite Omega Knight skin! It won't remain in the Item Shop forever, so make sure to snag it before it goes out of rotation. Elsewhere, feel free to check out our guide to the Fortnite Coachella outfits: another recent cosmetic sensation to land in the game.

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