Fortnite - Where To Find Doctor Strange NPC

Image of Doctor Strange in Fortnite.

Image of Doctor Strange in Fortnite.

The latest mid-season Fortnite update is here! While the primary focus is on adding Star Wars content from a galaxy far, far away, there are also some small changes to the existing Marvel characters. In fact, there's a new Doctor Strange NPC, who you can track down on the map for some rewards.

In this Fortnite guide, we'll break down the Doctor Strange NPC location so you know exactly where to find the Sorcerer Supreme. On top of that, we'll detail the wares he has for sale, as well as the reasons why you may want to hunt him down to add to your roster of NPC allies.

The key changes in this new update are the return of Star Wars items to Fortnite. Check out our list of all the Fortnite Star Wars weapons now in-game, on top of some tips on how to block using the lightsaber. We've also got some tips on how to complete the May 4th quests, to bag yourself a new profile icon with an Imperial theme.

Where Is The Fortnite Doctor Strange NPC?

The Fortnite Doctor Strange NPC is located in the Daily Bugle area. Head there, and go to the central building, which is also the tallest within the crater. You'll then be able to see the speech mark on the minimap, indicating that an NPC is present. Head to the ground floor of the building, and the south-western part of the building, just beneath some scaffolding. Sweep through the ground floor, and you'll bump into Doctor Strange himself.

Evidently, finding the Doctor Strange NPC in Fortnite really isn't a difficult challenge. He'll start appearing on your HUD as soon as you land in the Daily Bugle. As such, even if he moves around slightly as NPCs are prone to doing, you won't have to scour the Fortnite map to bump into the Sorcerer Supreme.

Image of the Doctor Strange NPC in Fortnite.
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What Does The Fortnite Doctor Strange NPC Do?

If you head to the Doctor Strange NPC expecting some mind-blowing events, you're going to be disappointed. Instead, he functions exactly the same as other Fortnite NPCs, insofar as they'll provide a free item, some XP for meeting them, and will also sell you special items should you wish to fork out the gold bars.

When you interact with him for the first time, he gives you a stack of small Shield Potions. That's on top of the XP boost you get for meeting an NPC, and a new slot in your compendium. Equally, he has three items for sale, which are as follows:

Storm Scout sniper
500 Gold
Rift Portal
250 Gold
Shockwave Grenade
36 Gold

Other than that, the Doctor Strange NPC is just another character you'll encounter on the never-ending quest to claim a Victory Royale. Feel free to check out our guide to the Crew Pack May 2022 items if you're a subscriber yet to claim the new loot!

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