Mayhem Purchased By Niantic - What Does It Mean For Fortnite Competitive And Other Titles?

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Before the New Year rolled around, Fortnite announced that all FNCS events for 2021 would consist of the Trios game mode.

While these are going to be the main form of competition of the calendar year, there are plenty of other ways to get involved.


One way a lot of players were able to partake in events, was through the third-party Mayhem application.

Mayhem was an online app that allowed players to enter into multiple tournaments every day, and it would track all your stats over the course of the event.

Now, the application has been purchased by Niantic in a shocking move.

Here's all you need to know! 




As noted above, Mayhem was an application used to enter online events for titles such as:

  • Fortnite
  • Valorant
  • League of Legends

Now, the parent company behind Pokemon GO, Niantic has purchased the platform in a rather surprising move. 

Here is the official statement from Niantic regarding the purchase: 

Mayhem was founded in 2017 with the goal of bringing gamers together through live, interactive experiences. They built a successful online platform for gamers to self-organize custom game formats for their communities, and it’s their innovative leadership in this space that will accelerate the work we’re doing to inspire people to explore the world together. Real-world social interaction, as encouraged by fun gameplay as well as social features that build bonds between people across the globe, is critical to our mission—and alongside Mayhem, we have some exciting opportunities ahead of us.


Through our games, many Niantic explorers have found incredible meaning in playing and interacting with other explorers. They create memories, they make friends, and they end up with some amazing stories to tell. We look forward to working together with Mayhem to amplify those moments, bring our player community closer together, and make a positive impact on the world.

Ivan Zhou, the founder of Mayhem commented on the purchase here, but below is a snippet of his statement: 

In every conversation with Niantic, we were surprised to find ourselves consistently using the same words to describe a similar vision of the future. One specific moment stood out to me the most. In one of my calls with Kei, Niantic’s VP of product, I learned that when his home town in Japan was hit by a natural disaster, thousands of players in the Niantic community used Ingress as a way to gather people together in the city to help with local economic recovery efforts.

This portrait of people empowered by a Niantic game giving back to a community was so clear, that I couldn’t help but connect the common thread between our own product and Niantic’s. In this new shared vision, games didn’t just connect people online - they could physically move people and bring them together in real life. It became obvious to our team that Niantic would be one of the most important companies shaping how people interact with each other in the future. The opportunity to expand our vision, and connect people wherever they are, was just too exciting to let pass. So today, we’re thrilled to join forces with Niantic and help create experiences that build meaningful, real-life bonds between people around the world.




Players should expect the platform to transition to handle Pokemon GO raids and other titles in the coming future.

We will have to wait and see if Mayhem is still used for events within Fortnite and other titles.