How To Eliminate An Attached Alien Parasite In Fortnite?

The alien parasites in Fortnite are a boon and a curse. Yes, they grant us additional speed and mobility.

And in exchange, they take away a chunk of our health too. That's basically all that's there to the alien parasites in Fortnite. And here's how we eliminate them!

How to eliminate an attached alien parasite in Fortnite

In order to eliminate an attached alien parasite, we need to find one first. While finding an alien parasite already attached to a looper is rare, finding one on the fauna of the island is very common.

But where do we encounter such alien affected animals?

Now that's a very tricky question. However, the best answer to this would be if we encountered wildlife near alien hotspots.

We know that these alien parasite eggs are spread out all over the island, so if we're lucky, animals near these alien parasite eggs will be affected by these parasites itself.

All we need to do is take a well timed shot at the parasite that's stuck to the animal and we're good to go.

However, be careful of these animals. They're extra aggressive when they have a parasite attached to them.

Killing one alien parasite is enough to complete this Fortnite weekly challenge. Good luck soldier!

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