Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8: Nitehare Hop Awake Questline Challenges Guide

Credit: Fortnite Insider

Credit: Fortnite Insider

The October 5th hotfix introduced Nitehare to the island. This is probably one really spooky bunny that you will see in your life.

Nitehare definitely gives me the creeps and has been added to the island right before Fortnitemares begins. And to top it off, this NPC has their own set of questline challenges.

Epic Games bumped up their XP game greatly, making the XP grind less tiresome. So here is a full guide for Nitehare's Hop Awake Questline challenges.

How to complete Nitehare's Hop Awake Questline challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

Nitehare Fortnite location

In order to find Raven, you will have to make your way to the FN Radio. This place is located towards the east of Craggy Cliffs. For the exact location, check the video above.

Once you've found Nitehare, talk to the NPC and you will have unlocked their entire questline challenges.

Stage 1 - Bounce three times on tires without touching the ground

You can find tires at each and every gas station in Fortnite Season 8. You can hop on them thrice in order to complete this challenge.

Alternatively, you can collect a set of offroad tires and throw it on the ground and then bounce on them.

Stage 2 - Use an alien jump pad at an alien crash site

There are six different alien crash sites all over the map. These sites are littered with jump pads and slipstreams.

All you need to do is make your way to one of these crash sites and bounce off these jump pads in order to complete this challenge.

Stage 3 - Travel in an alien slipstream for 100 metes

This is another simple mission. You can complete it at any Alien crash site. All you need to do is locate those purple streams of fast moving air and make your way into them.

Once you're inside, you need to move for 100 meters and you will have completed this challenge.

Stage 4 - Damage an opponent with a grenade

This is a tough challenge to be honest. Grenades are readily available as floor loot and from chests in Fortnite Season 8.

Once you've gotten your hands on one of these grenades, all you need to do is toss it at an opponent and hope to damage them.

I don't think this will be restricted to enemy loopers. You could use it against hostile NPCs like IO guards too.

Stage 5 - Get an explosive elimination on a Cube Monster in the Sideways

This is pretty much like the previous challenge. However, you can use a rocket launcher here instead of a grenade.

Considering that a grenade is easier to find, you could just pick up a grenade and toss it at the hoard of cube monsters in The Sideways.

Alternatively, you could also target one of the explosive fiends and shoot them till they explode. That should probably count towards this challenge too.

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