Every Crash Site Location In Fortnite Season 8

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Doctor Slone's Operation Sky Fire was moderately successful. While it did manage to divert the alien menace from the island, it opened up something that was crazier and wilder.

That being said, there was a lot of debris that landed on the island after the mothership went up in flames. Although there hasn't been any permanent damage, there are a few...anomalies.


Here are the locations of all the crash sites in Fortnite Season 8.

Fortnite Season 8 crash site locations

For a mothership that big, having only five crash sites is somewhat underwhelming. But then again, anything more than that number would have caused the island to go up in smoke anyway.

The six crash site locations are as follows:

  • Smashed Stronghold
  • Shattered Saucer
  • Wasted Woods
  • Destroyed Dish
  • Levelled Lake

When you see the map, these will come up as reddish brown areas. When you approach these places, you will find debris from the fallen Mothership.

Not only that, these places will be littered with shadow stones. These shadow stones turn you into a shadow form, which is a wisp like appearance. You can move faster in this form but that's about it.


And most interestingly, you will also be able to get your hands on the slipstreams. These appear as purple flowing tubes in these areas. You can move through them very swiftly and can opt to move out whenever you feel like.

There is a sixth crash site as well. But that has no name till now. This crash site can be found right in between the Grotto and Dirty Docks. And just like the other crash sites, this one also has everything like the others.

For some reason, I feel that these crash sites will be responsible for something greater as the season continues. We'll have to wait and watch!

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