Fortnite X Tron Crossover: Skin, Release Date, Price, LTM, Pickaxe, Glider and Everything You Need To Know

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February has now hit, and Fortnite is pushing out content faster than ever.

Not only have they recently announced a brand new Marvel skin coming to the game in Flash.

They appear to be gearing up to release a brand new Hunter skin within the game. 

The crossover event with Fortnite appears to be one with the iconic movie franchise Tron.

Here's all you need to know! 



Early today, notable Fortnite leakers were able to uncover the following image which appears to all but confirm the new crossover event.

This image is seen within the Tron movies and was encrypted this morning via the game files.

Check it out below via VastBlastt!

click to enlarge


Along with the leaked image that was found within the files this morning, Fortnite themselves have tweeted out an audio clip all but confirming the collaboration coming to the game soon.

Check it out here. 


Skin and Release Date

As of now, we do not know what the Tron skin is going to look like within the game.

As well, there is no confirmed release date for the skin. But, we can assume it will release sometime within the next couple of days! 



Since this is going to be a brand new Hunter skin, we can assume it is going to be bundled with a glider, pickaxe and back bling!

Stay tuned for more news surrounding the new collaboration between Tron and Fortnite. 


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