Who Are The Seven and What Are Their Intentions in Fortnite?

Credit: Twitter (@kevinconsume)

Credit: Twitter (@kevinconsume)

The Seven are the most pivotal yet the most interesting characters in Fortnite lore. Epic Games has introduced us to only four members of the Seven till now.

Either way, the Seven have played important roles in the Fortnite storyline till now. From the looks of it, we'll get to know what they're up to in the upcoming season.

The Seven in Fortnite

The Seven have always had very dramatic entries in Fortnite. Think about it, the Visitor came with the Meteor. Paradigm, the only female member of the Seven till now, played a vital role in the Device event. And then we have the Foundation and his whole Zero point drama.

The only non-spectacular member till now happens to be the Scientist but hey, he got those rift capsules.

That being said, it's not really difficult to guess what they want. Considering that all the members of the Seven are on the same page, they would love to see the characters on Fortnite island living a normal life.

That became evident after Paradigm triggered the Device to destroy the storm in Fortnite island. This forced the I.O. to remove the storm temporarily and replace it with the great wall of water, only to bring back the storm the next season.

That being said, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 will supposedly explore the origins of the Seven and their storyline. This is probably the first time in the history of Fortnite that we'll get some clarity on the lore atleast.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is yet to touch the lore when it comes to the Seven. However, the recent Batman x Fortnite comic that came out, did shed some light on the Seven.

That being said, it's finally been established officially that the Foundation is indeed the leader of the Seven. And secondly, their fight is against the Imagined Order and Geno, who happens to be the leader of the Imagined Order.

Here's to hoping that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 9 sheds some more light on the lore behind the Seven.

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