Where Is the Foundation in Fortnite Season 8

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Credit: Epic Games
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The Foundation is one of the most important characters in Fortnite lore. He sealed himself within the Zero Point back in Season 6.

However, with the Zero Point destroyed by the aliens in Season 7, the Foundation was released from his prison. Here is everything we know about his current locations.


Fortnite Foundation's location explained

After the events of Fortnite Season 7, the Foundation somehow made his way to Gotham Harbor. That's where he encountered the Batman.

The two immediately traded blows, and despite his superiority, the Foundation couldn't really take down the Bat (no surprises there!).

However, their conversation about the Zero Point is something that stopped them from fighting. Everything was happening in the wake of the multiple portals that had opened up all over the world.


Batman and the Foundation were racing against time in order to stop these portals. The Foundation explained to Batman the working principle of these portals and the Zero Point and how everything came into being.

And somehow, the Foundation managed to convince Batman to take him to the portal in Metropolis, through which the leader of the Seven would head back to the island.


While they did have to fend off a few monsters before they could make it through to the portal, the Foundation was tricked. Instead of taking the real Batman back in with him, it was the Batman Who Laughs who entered with the Foundation.

The portal was shut from both ends, removing the threat for now. And that's something which all the members of the Justice League considered as a win, since the Batman Who Laughs was also stranded on the island.

However, that might not be the case, because the Batman Who Laughs wanted to be inside the Fortnite loop. And since his visor was made of cosmic scrap, it negated the effects of the loop. So he remembers everything (not a surprise yet again, because this is also the Batman!)

The Foundation on the other hand flew off to take a survey of the island to see how much the Imagined Order had recovered. However, he's still not aware of how costly a mistake he made.


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