07 Jun 2021 12:01 PM +00:00

Who are Geno and The Sisters in Fortnite?

We all remember Jonesy talking about Geno and the Sisters during the live event for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Jonesy said that after he was cornered by the Foundation, whom he ended up calling. The Foundation did manage to stabilize the Zero Point, but he sealed himself with it.

The fate of the Foundation is still unknown, but then again he's the leader of the Seven. Harm won't befall that big guy. But that brings us to the question of the hour, Who are Geno and the Sisters?

The identity of Geno and the Sisters in Fortnite

This, sadly, is still a mystery for now. Epic Games had one entire season to talk about them. But they've left us in the dark yet again. Hopefully, their identity will be revealed in the next season.


That hasn't stopped us from speculating about their identities either. Given the way the Foundation reacted, it's likely that the Foundation has been after them for long.

There's a high chance that Geno and the Sisters could be the ones responsible for the loop becoming unstable. They could also be the ones in charge of the loop, making them a part of the I.O.

Whatever their identity may be, it does seem like Agent Jones is well informed about their identity. If they're a part of the I.O. and are running the show, then it's evident that the Seven will have a tiff with them.


Alternatively, the I.O. could also be holding Geno and the Sisters captive in Fortnite. There's a lot that could actually happen with these few names.

Fortnite is in its final days. Hopefully, we'll have more information about Geno and the Sisters in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7. Moreover, the next season really needs to address the Foundation and his sacrifice.

No Epic Games, you just don't introduce a character and put them up to be sacrificed just like that. We need more information on what happened to the Foundation! That being said, we don't need to wait for much longer. With just three days for the new season to begin, we'll soon be receiving some answers.