Who are Geno and The Sisters in Fortnite?

We all remember Jonesy talking about Geno and the Sisters during the live event for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6.

Jonesy said that after he was cornered by the Foundation, whom he ended up calling. The Foundation did manage to stabilize the Zero Point, but he sealed himself with it.

The fate of the Foundation is still unknown, but then again he's the leader of the Seven. Harm won't befall that big guy. But that brings us to the question of the hour, Who are Geno and the Sisters?

The identity of Geno and the Sisters in Fortnite

The identity of Geno isn't a mystery anymore. Fortnite Season 6 had us thinking really hard about who Geno was.

Their identity was finally revealed in the Batman x Fortnite comics that went live a few days back. According to the Foundation, Geno is the one who controls the Zero Point.

And since the Imagined Order is actually tampering around with the Zero Point in order to manipulate realities, it can be only assumed that Geno heads the Imagined Order.

That still doesn't rule out the fact that Geno could be one of the Seven. It's not unnatural to see a member of such an organization go rogue. In fact, that's one of the most popular routes that we've seen in a host of different shows on the television and on the internet.

So Doctor Slone does have a boss indeed. That being said, the identity of the Sisters is still a mystery. And it's unlikely that we'll hear more about Geno and the Sisters in Fortnite Season 8 anymore.

Given that Fortnite Season 9 will soon be upon us, there's a high chance that we'll have more information on Geno and the Sisters in the next season.

Till then, keep thinking.

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