Suicide Squad Could Be Coming To Fortnite

Since the release of update 17.40 in Fortnite, data miners are having a stellar time revealing a bunch of leaks for Fortnite fans. Although not all of these leaks are for Fortnite Season 7, some of them are so exciting that we don't mind waiting.

Thanks to information revealed by various data miners including notable Fortnite leaker, Shiina, it is almost certain that there will be at least two new skins in Fortnite from the Suicide Squad franchise.

Let's dive in and take a look at which characters from the popular movie could be making an appearance in Fortnite.

Suicide Squad in Fortnite

Based on the leaked codenames that have surfaced since the release of update 17.40 in Fortnite, data miners have suggested three codenames that denote upcoming Suicide Squad skins.

These codenames along with the character which they might be representing are:

  • SeesawSlipper - Bloodsport (Currently available in Fortnite)
  • SeesawFuzzy - Weasel
  • SeesawSea - King Shark/Nanaue

Having said that, there has been no official confirmation from Epic Games or DC Comics regarding the same. Considering the fact that Wonder Woman was recently introduced to the island. another collaboration with DC Comics could very easily be on the cards for Fortnite.

Nevertheless, it seems safe to say that the exclusive Suicide Squad skins won't be making an appearance anytime during Season 7. This further means that fans will have to wait until Season 8 at the very least to grab these iconic skins in Fortnite.

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