Members Of The Suicide Squad All Set To Wreck Havoc In Fortnite

The recent collaboration that Fortnite had with DC over the course of Season 6 and Season 7 bore a lot of fruit for them. That being said, the collaboration looks to continue as Suicide Squad members are all set to join the island.

Although there isn't a specific date on the collaboration yet, it'll probably be happening sometime soon. Here's everything we know about the collaboration with DC.

Everything we know about the Suicide Squad collaboration

I'm not sure which members of the Suicide Squad will be coming to Fortnite. Harley Quinn is already in there, so she's out of the story.

That being said, it looks like Harley may at least be getting a tweak to her Rebirth skin, as seen below:

From what we've seen on Twitter, BloodSport will be coming to the island. Idris Elba, the actor playing the role of BloodSport in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie took to Twitter to announce his entry into the game.

Although it's just a small video teaser, the skin does look pretty awesome to begin with. We're supposed to receive more information about the same today.

Given the major fanbase and player base that Fortnite has, it's one of the best platforms to promote the movie.

And thanks to the pre-existing collaboration between DC and Fortnite, this promotion doesn't come as a surprise at all.


Recent leaks suggest that King Shark will soon be a part of the Fortnite universe as well. We don't know if it will happen in this season or in Fortnite Season 8, but it will happen sometime soon.

That being said, this is all that we know about the upcoming collaboration for now. We'll update this piece as and when we know more about it.

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