Latest Leaks Reveal Wonder Woman in Fortnite

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Fortnite has featured countless collaborations with superheroes being featured in the game. From Marvels' Avengers to DC's Batman, Superman, and others, Fortnite fans have seen a bunch of superheroes on the island.

Having said that, the next superhero in Fortnite could very well be Wonder Woman. Based on recent leaks that have surfaced, Fortnite is set to receive the Wonder Woman skin.


Additionally, based on screenshots that have been leaked, Diana of Themyscira will most likely play a part in the long-running DC storyline featuring Batman, Superman, Deathstroke, and others.

Wonder Woman in Fortnite

According to the leaks that have surfaced, the Wonder Woman skin in Fortnite will also feature an exclusive Golden Eagle glider. Additionally, the upcoming outfit will also feature an exclusive Athena’s Battleaxe, Diana’s Mantle Back Bling that comes in two variants, and the DC Trinity Loading Screen.


On top of all these, the Wonder Woman skin in Fortnite also features the Lasso of Truth. Based on the available images, it seems like the lasso will play an interesting role in the aforementioned storyline.

How to get the Wonder Woman skin in Fortnite

Given that the Wonder Woman skin is merely a leak at this point, it is extremely difficult to determine when the outfit will be made available in Fortnite. On top of that, it also remains to be seen whether Diana's outfit will be released in the Item Shop or as part of the Fortnite Monthly Crew Pack.


However, one thing is certain, no matter when the skin arrives in the game, it will definitely be a huge attraction for Fortnite fans who are engrossed with the Fortnite x DC storyline.