We May Soon Have An Armored Catwoman Fortnite Skin

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We've been getting a glimpse of the Armored Batman Fortnite skin for a while now. However, the Fortnite x Batman Issue #6 teased a new skin for a very popular character.

Issue #6 was the final comic in the mini-series. Apart from teasing a new skin, the series ended in a cliff hanger. We'll probably see a new series pick up from here itself.

The Armored Catwoman Fortnite skin

Firstly, I'm not sure if we'll see this skin anytime soon. But it's been shown in the comics so there's a chance that this skin will be real.

Just like the Armored Batman Fortnite skin, the Armored Catwoman Fortnite skin is also full black. However, she's got a full metal visor and blue glowing eyes.

Here's how the skin looks in the comics.

Image via DC Comics/ Twitter (@TheGameVlog)
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Image via DC Comics/ Twitter (@TheGameVlog)

Keeping in mind that we'll be seeing a special edition of the Fortnite x Batman comics on Batman Day, this Armored Catwoman Fortnite skin could be released with that comic.

That being said, the comic ends at a very interesting note. There's a rift that has formed outside Metropolis, right above the Daily Planet.

Will we be seeing a Superman Zero Point comic series in the near future?

As seen in the tweet above, it says "Far From The End" right at the bottom. I believe that's a clear indication that we'll have more interesting content coming our way thanks to Epic Games and DC.

That being said, this is the rift through which Superman will make his way into the island. There is no other reason for a rift to open up in Metropolis. Plus he's a part of the Fortnite Season 7 battle pass already. So it fits.

Not only that, even Lex Luthor is involved in the storyline now. Considering all these facts, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Superman Zero Point mini series. Because the Fortnite x Batman comics raised even more questions than it answered.

Here's to hoping that the Man of Steel will bring some answers to the table!

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