Where To Find Recon Scanners In Fortnite

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The Recon Scanner is probably one of the best additions to the Fortnite island. Fortnite Season 7 has seen a lot of fancy weapons, but the Recon Scanner could easily be the best one amongst them all.

Although it's pretty useless as a weapon itself, it can prove to be very deadly when used in combination with other weapons.


In fact the Recon Scanner was so overpowered that Epic Games had to nerf it eventually, in order to make gameplay fair. They also had to take it out of the competitive playlist as well.

But where do you find the Recon Scanner in Fortnite?

Where to find Recon Scanners in Fortnite?

Season 8

Recon Scanners have managed to stay on in Fortnite Season 8. You can find them in legendary chests and in the areas guarded by the IO guards.


Season 7

Sadly enough, Recon Scanners don't occur as common floor loot in Fortnite. They start at the blue rarity and then go upwards.

Personally, I haven't come across a Recon Scanner of Legendary rarity yet. But I think we could use the upgrade station to upgrade this weapon. I'm not sure if an upgrade is necessary though.

That being said, you'll come across these Recon Scanners in chests. Legendary chests usually have them. However, you will definitely come across a Recon Scanner inside an I.O. chest.


You also stand a chance to get a Pulse Rifle inside these I.O. chests. If you're lucky enough, you'll probably get your hands on a Rail Gun too.

That being said, once you've got the Recon Scanner, all you need to do is shoot the projectile at a considerable distance. Once the pod hits the ground, it'll start working its magic.

Once the pod hits the ground, it'll reveal any enemies in a given radius. They'll be marked with a red blip.


In order to complete a Fortnite Week 11 challenge, you need to take the recon scanner to Holly Hatchery and use it to reveal the location of an alien parasite and a trespasser.

Holly Hatchery is a very prominent alien biome and you'll be able to complete this Fortnite weekly challenge easily.

When it comes to Recon Scanners, you just have two charges so do use it judiciously. And most importantly, if you've been tagged by a Recon Scanner, quickly build two layers around you. Trust me on this one.

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