Fortnite LeBron James Skin Revealed

Images of Fortnite's LeBron James skin are spreading through Twitter like wildfire, with the release date of the popular basketball player coming in just a few days.

As seen below, the release of LeBron James correlates with the mural in Chicago that was defaced and fixed just the other week.

Fortnite's LeBron James Skin

"MVP, Global Icon, Gold Medalist, The King. LeBron is bringing his legacy to the Icon Series with Outfits, Gear, and more!"

It looks like LeBron James is going to make a splash in Fortnite, with a massive release containing three skins and other branded items being added to the Icon Series.

Fans are still waiting to hear how they can obtain these items, but at least Fortnite PLayers can now see what the Lakers star is going to look like in-game.

LeBron James Release Date

Fortnite Chicago Mural
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MURAL: Once thought to be about Young Midas

LeBron is coming to Fortnite on July 14, 2021, as previoulsy discovered by SypherPK when Epic Games sent him an early look at the new items and skin.

Stay tuned for more information on how to obtain all the cosmetic items related to LeBron James and his Icon Series Release.

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