LeBron James Fortnite Skin Leaked As The Next Icon Series Skin

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Recently, Fortnite has given us a few athletes to play as for skins, but we are waiting for one in particular. It seems as if LeBron James spent most of his time making Space Jam, but he's had enough time to work on a new partnership with Epic Games. Multiple sources claim LeBron James will appear in Fortnite.

This suggests that the most recent Fortnite mural was a tribute to LeBron James. The mural of LeBron James in Chicago seems like a strange choice, but it did get attention. It will be an honor to play as such a great basketball player.


LeBron James is the new Fortnite Icon

Many fans were not happy since the Icon series used to mean icons of Fortnite. The recent inclusion of superstar athletes has left fans feeling like their favorite content creators are overshadowed by celebrities who are not significant to Fortnite.

The Icon Series originally paid tribute to legends of the game like Ninja and Lazarbeam. This was Fortnite's way of thanking those who make the game so popular. Fortnite's uniqueness is being lost yet again for a silver dollar. Even Travis Scott and Neymar Jr., who are currently part of the Icon Series roster, have played or streamed Fortnite at some point. Still, Epic Games can do what they wish, regardless of what fans think.


Fortnite offers ambitious crossovers. Fans have seen skins from various major franchises at this point, including Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and many more. This is why the game has moved to other outlets, such as sports.

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This leak appears highly likely, as far as legitimacy is concerned. A Fortnite-LeBron crossover would be a perfect way to promote Space Jam: A New Legacy because LeBron will star in the movie. It is also worth noting that the leaked information comes from ShiinaBR on Twitter, a source whose credibility is notably high.

Earlier this year, ShiinaBR discussed the possibility of Alien crossovers in Fortnite. This later transpired to be true. As well, ShiinaBR followed up her first tweet regarding LeBron James rumor by saying they had "100% confirmation that [the leak] is true."