LeBron James Confirmed for July 14 Item Shop Release

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LeBron James fans do not have much longer to wait until the Lakers star arrives in Fortnite.

Epic Game recently sent a teaser to popular Fortnite content creator, @SypherPK, confirming the basketball player's addition to the Item Shop.


LeBron James Fortnite Release Date

According to Fortnite leaker, @ShiinaBR, SypherPK was sent a teaser for the new LeBron James Fortnite skin, along with the details that the Space Jam: A New Legacy star will arrive in the Item Shop on July 14, 2021.

There is no word on how many V-Bucks LeBron will cost, but it will most likely be in the 1,800 to 2,000 V-Buck range, and may possibly have a bundle associated with it.


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First LeBron James Teaser In-Game

The first LeBron James teaser arrived in-game today (July 9, 2021,) and is located on the wall of the basketball court in Believer Beach.


Apparently the mural is set to change soon, having a second stage to it.

There are no clues as to what the second stage of the mural will look like as of yet.

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