Fortnite Mural Vandalized With "Fortnite Is For Children" Message

In our recent Fortnite report, we discussed the Fortnite mural and the implications it could have on future skins in the game. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the end of the matter since it appears that someone has defaced the mural. The vandal intended to let people know how they felt about Fortnite.

It's never okay to vandalize or deface any property that's not your own, regardless of what you believe. Using a spray can, the vandal wrote "Is for children" next to "Fortnite." However, it's sad to see someone who doesn't like it trying to ruin things for everyone else, true childish behavior.

Fortnite Season 7: A Fortnite Mural Might Tease A Young Midas

Fortnite mural vandalized by an unknown criminal

During the weekend, some Redditors managed to find promotional graffiti in Chicago for Fortnite. An artwork with golden wings and a crown had "Fortnite" written above it along with the date. The purpose of this was to tease a future update to the game.

It sent fans into a frenzy similar to Fortnite's promotional show in Times Square before Season 7 launched. While some speculated that the artwork was related to an in-game event, prominent leaker ShiinaBR suggested that it was related to the Young Midas Skin.

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Regardless, just a few hours after fans discovered the mural, someone vandalized the installation over the 4th of July weekend. It's safe to say that fans were angry and upset.

"Is for children" was added next to the word "Fortnite" to mock both the game and its players. There is usually more focus on younger audiences, and Fortnite is more accessible to a younger audience. However, I do not see why doing something like this is necessary.

Fortnite may look like a kid's game and is played by children, but it's a game everyone can enjoy. In the same way that Pokemon and Anime are marketed to younger audiences, both are not exclusively for children.

Thanks to a recent re-painting, the mural has been restored. It is hoped that no one else will follow suit.

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