LeBron James Might Be Coming To Fortnite Sooner Than We Think

Fortnite just upped their teasing game. From posting teasers online, Epic Games went offline and started teasing new collaborations by painting murals.

Given the way the mural is shaping up, we may see the LeBron James Fortnite skin soon. The mural doesn't have any character for now, but it'll start shaping up soon.

Fortnite teases an upcoming collaboration with a mural

The mural, apart from containing the wings and a golen crown, has the date 7/14/21 mentioned. The entire Fortnite community believes that the date is when we'll see a new skin in the Fortnite item shop.

Most of the community believes that the mural is hinting at the young Midas skin that was teased seen before Fortnite Season 6 began. However, I personally feel that this mural teases the arrival of the LeBron James skin.

We've already had too may iterations of Midas in the game. While Midas remains important to the Fortnite lore, it doesn't make sense to have another Midas skin right now. Especially since we've seen a Sumer Midas Fortnite skin already, it wouldn't be the best time to have another skin of a similar theme.

LeBron James will be starring in the new Space Jam movie. This movie is scheduled to release on July 16th, which is two days after the date mentioned on the mural.

Not only that, here's a poster of the movie as well. We see Anthony Davis in the poster. He's got wings in the poster.

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That being said, the wings look somewhat similar to the ones we're seeing in the mural. To top it off, LeBron James is often referred to as "King" James. The crown in the mural could also signify that it belongs to a king.

This theory seems more plausible at this time. However, Epic Games could just end up releasing a kid Midas Fortnite skin. Although, if it's Midas yet again, the wings don't fit.

It's sad that the mural has been vandalized already. But thankfully, it can still be fixed. And just like me, I'm pretty sure that the entire Fortnite community will be eager to see who this mystery character is.

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