Fortnite Season 7: A Fortnite Mural Might Tease A Young Midas

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Fortnite Season 7 has been Fortnite's most successful season ever. Content is continuously being added to the game at an unprecedented rate. Each week, the game is updated with so much new content it isn't easy to keep up.

For example, in the recent v17.10 update, Fortnite introduced several new aspects of the game, including Alien Parasites and the Cosmic Summer event. Most recently, however, the latest update may be one that had been leaked a while ago. We may finally see Young Midas come into the game.

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Fortnite Season 7 Leaks indicate Midas returning in a new avatar

On social media sites, a mural appeared that exclusively spoke of July 14th, 2021. It was spotted in Chicago. An extravagant golden crown adorns the top of two wings of the mural. Despite the mural's lack of characters, it has Fortnite written on it.


This mural may be connected to the next quest in the game, hypothesizes data miner Hypex. According to rumors, this mural will appear in Fortnite as a painting with the name Majesty or Grandeus. A new skin will also appear with the text "Earn rewards by completing King's Bling quests." shortly, according to HyperX.

Speculation has it that the painting in Chicago reveals a bit of the upcoming skin that players will be able to get their hands on in Fortnite Season 7. Shiina, one of the most popular data miners, revealed another possible Fortnite Season 7 outcome. Supposedly, the upcoming Fortnite skin will be a young Midas.


According to the ArtStation leak, Young Midas' concept art featured the coveted character in his early days sporting a crown. The speculation has only grown stronger due to the eerie similarity between them. Honestly, I don't know what makes people believe it has nothing to do with him; it looks like Midas' yearbook photo.

Midsummer Midas skin has been released by Epic for the Fortnite Season 7 Cosmic Summer event. This shows that Fortnite is trying to refocus attention on Midas, despite the fact he was already a fan favorite. The game looks like it will reveal this skin as playable soon.

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