*LATEST* - Fortnite's Bushranger Has Died

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UPDATE: Bushranger has died. The gravesite has replaced him on Apollo Island:

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Original story below:

Fortnite data miner and leaker @HYPEX has uncovered a gravesite with accompanying music in Fortnite's files.

The troubling part about this information is not the gravesite itself, but where it is expected to go on Apollo Island, and the folder its data is stored under.

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RIP Bushranger

The gravesite and accompanying music is stored in Fortnite's structure under "Quests/Bushranger/GraveSite," and is planned to appear where Bushranger normally shows up on the Island.

Of course this does not mean that Bushranger is going to bite the dust, as HYPEX points out the grave could also be for Bushrangers Alien Parasite pet from the Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7, Week 7 quests.

There could be multiple explanations as to why the grave is going to show up on the Island, but honestly, Bushranger getting bumped off makes the most sense.

Maybe his pet decided to eat him,

Maybe the I.O. decided his plan to assist that Aliens with their hatcheries was getting out of hand.


Fans will just have to wait and see.

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