How Bushranger died in Fortnite Season 7: Most Likely Theories

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How did Bushranger die in Fortnite is a question many people have. Many new and old loopers have asked this question over the years, leading to speculation and rumors. Bushranger wasn't the most helpful NPC, but he was always well-liked and a pleasure to interact with.

How could someone who survived the Spire explosion, the alien ground invasion, and almost all of Fortnite Season 7's events die? Bushranger was literally weeks away from appearing in Fortnite Season 8.


Here are the best theories on how Bushranger died in Fortnite since Epic Games has not yet been explained.

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How did Bushranger in Fortnite?

There are a few theories, though we don't know for sure just yet...

Zyg and Choppy killed him

The alien NPCs, Zgy and Choppy, have relocated to the Aftermath, the same area where Bushranger used to be. However, it's unlikely that Zyg and Choppy killed the Bushranger since they aren't hostile in nature. So I personally do not think that this prevalent theory is correct.


Special Fortnitemares skin

It has been reported that Epic Games themselves killed Bushranger to bring him back as a special zombie skin for Fortnitemares. Even though this theory doesn't explain how he died, it makes some sense nonetheless. Because we are only two months away from October, I think this is the most likely scenario.

Killed by the IO

Actually, this one seems pretty likely. Despite the IO's view of the Bushranger as an ally, things could have changed as soon as Bushranger began helping aliens plant and incubate eggs. Despite Bushranger's motives being unclear, he was most likely trying to preserve life instead of supporting aliens.


It appears that the IO took note of Bushranger's no harm to anyone's nature and silenced him. The best way for the Imagined Order to handle the issue was this, given their history and ruthlessness. This also goes well with the first theory, so I think that this is the cause and the Fortnitemares theory is the effect.

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