Where To Investigate An Anomaly Near Catty Corner In Season 6

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Fortnite Season 6 is here, and one of this week's challenges is to find an anomaly on Shark Island.

This is tied into the battle pass, but you'll want to complete it for a Jonesy skin variant – and it won't take you long.


Here's how to complete the Lazy Lake Anomaly quest and get the Jump 31 style for the Agent Jones skin.

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Investigate An Anomaly Detected In Catty Corner

You'll need to investigate the anomaly here.

Head over to Catty Corner, but you'll want to go past it to the secret base/shelter that's behind it.

Find yourself a weapon as it will be important to complete this step.


Head down to the bunker/shelter and you'll spot the Anomaly.

FOLLOW THE ANOMALY ROAD: You need to head past Catty Corner and down to the bunker

The butterfly will disappear into a vault with the word 'Booooom' on it.

FOLLOW THE LEADER: Enter the room off to the right of the road

Head back outside and find a 'Booooom' container.


BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE: These canisters are located right behind you

Place it next to the vault and shoot it, this will explode and open the vault door.

SHOOOOOOOT: Stand back and let it rip!

Interact with the vault to complete the quest!

SAFE CRACKER: The anomaly is located behind the door


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