Fortnite Season 6: Where To Investigate An Anomaly Detected On Shark Island And What To Do If It's Not Working

Fortnite Season 6 is here, and one of this week's challenges is to find an anomaly on Shark Island.

This is tied into the battle pass, but you'll want to complete it for a Jonesy skin variant – and it won't take you long.

Here's how to complete the Lazy Lake Anomaly quest and get the Jump 23 style for the Agent Jones skin.

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Fortnite: Where To Investigate An Anomaly On Shark Island Season 6

When you leave the Battle Bus, look for Shark Island on the northwest side of the map – it's the one with the pointy grey triangle.

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JAWS: Shark Island is located in the very top left of the island and looks like a shark

Keep your eyes peeled at the location's northern side. You're looking for a "butterfly" to follow, but it'll be next to a hologram. Approach the hologram, and it'll show Jonesy crouching – crouch to trigger the next hologram.

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FOLLOW THE LEADER: Do as the holograms say - crouch!

At this hologram, emote.

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SHOW YOUR MOVES: Emote at this hologram

Then reach the third one and jump, to trigger the path to the anomaly – you'll need to build platforms to reach it.

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JUMP FOR MY LOVE: Jump in the air at this hologram

Interact with it, and this quest is done.

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DONE AND DUSTED: Once done, you'll be able to get the anomaly!

Check out these guides to other anomalies:

Shark Island Anomaly Not Working

If the Shark Island Anomaly isn't working, be sure that you are at the required level to access this quest and ensure you have completed all previous Anomaly quests!

This quest is unlocked at level 76 in the premium Battle Pass track.

Fortnite has acknowledged there is an inconsistency bug in this one and appears to be getting a fix soon.

They recommend trying to complete the steps in a different order to get around this.

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