Fortnite Season 6: Investigate An Anomaly Detected In Weeping Woods

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Fortnite Season 6 is here, and one of this week's challenges is to find an anomaly on Shark Island.

This is tied into the battle pass, but you'll want to complete it for a Jonesy skin variant – and it won't take you long.


Here's how to complete the Lazy Lake Anomaly quest and get the Jump 42 style for the Agent Jones skin.

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Investigate An Anomaly Detected In Weeping Woods

This Epic Quest is dished out by Rebirth Raven at level 60 and is located in Weeping Woods - this will give you a hunter Agent Jones skin (Jump 88 Style).


You'll need to investigate the anomaly here.

Head to the centre of Weeping Woods where a huge tree trunk has now spawned.


TOMB RAIDER: This seems oddly familiar...

It will spawn at the base and you'll need to follow it all the way up the stump.

GOTCHA! The Butterfly is at the base of the stump


Once there, the butterfly will float off into the distance.

YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND: Follow it all the way up the stump

To reach it you just need to build a ramp and interact with it!


GET OVER HERE: Build up to get the anomaly

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