Fortnite Batman Zero Point: Everything You Need To Know About Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Dr Slone And The Batman Who Laughs

Recently, numerous leaks surrounding the last issue of Fortnite Batman Zero Point comic book series surfaced on social media. Data miners took to Twitter to reveal some new DC characters coming to the game soon enough.

Starting with the major news, Lex Luthor was teased as a villain in the comic books. He was seen with the Batman Who Laughs, and both these iconic DC villains will feature in this novel.

At the same time, Dr Slone was also teased in the leaked pages of the final issue. It seems that the Imagined Order and DC villains have teamed up in the comic books.

So, in case you're wondering what all this means for the game, we have compiled a list of possible outcomes that players might get to see in Fortnite Season 7.

Let's not forget that Superman, Batman's closest friend is also on the island, and he might jump into the mix soon.

Lex Luthor and Batman Who Laughs - Legion Of Doom?

The Batman Who Laughs is an iconic villain from Earth-22 of DC's Dark Multiverse. This character is a combination of Batman and Joker, blessed with Bruce Wayne's gifts as well as Joker's penchant for violence. Undoubtedly, the Batman Who Laughs is one of the strongest characters in the DC multiverse.

On the other hand, we have Lex Luthor, the genius who believes that power and knowledge are worthless unless one has both. His love for the spotlight is only rivalled by his hatred for Superman. DC fans know that Lex cares more about publicity than actually protecting Metropolis.

Comic book pages were leaked on Twitter and they featured Deathstroke along with Lex Luthor and The Batman Who Laughs. Based on their past alliances in the DC Universe, fans can expect that the Legion Of Doom might come to Fortnite.

Leaks suggest that both these villains will feature in the final issue of the Batman Fortnite Zero Point comic book series, and that there might be a second another Batman comic book series incoming.

It will be interesting to see how Epic Games creates a storyline which would feature both Marvel and DC superheroes at once.

Where is the Bat-family?

Isn't it weird that Batman has been stuck inside Fortnite's loop and none of the members of the Bat-family have shown up? I think the storyline intends it to be so, which is why fans haven't seen any of the Bat Boys in the Fortnite comic book series as of yet.

Usually, the Bat-family sticks close to their leader, and in his absence, Dick Grayson takes up the mantle of the Bat. DC fans know how Damian Wayne is also a top candidate for taking on the Bat's mantle, but he isn't letting his father disappear in a simulated reality.

So where are they and what are they waiting for? I would predict that the Bat-family knows about all the developments. They may not be in contact with Batman, but they know his methods, and fans can expect to see them in the comic books soon enough.

The best guess would be that the Bat Boys, consisting of Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne are already planning to bring back Batman. At the same time, fans can expect that Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain and Kate Cain are already keeping a close eye on Lex Luthor and the other DC villains.

As to when they would be introduced in the series, well, only time will tell.

Dawn of Justice?

Superman is already on the Fortnite Island in Chapter 2 Season 7. That being said, any DC fan playing Fortnite will get excited by the notion of a reunion with Batman.

Considering that the events of the comic book coincide with the alien invasion in Season 7, we might get to see the iconic Superhero duo team up in Fortnite.

Previously, it was leaked that Wonder Woman and Robin will also join the fight in Fortnite, but those rumours still remain unproven.

There is a possibility of Justice League members coming to the Island, especially after Teen Titans were featured in the previous season.

However, Epic Games have not made any official announcements about this collaboration yet.

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