Dr. Slone and Lex Luthor Make An Uncanny Team

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All those DC fans out there know that Lex Luthor is never up to any good. Apart from the Injustice storyline, Lex Luthor is one of the villains who has been in a a problem for Superman and the Justice League.

Although we know that the I.O. are the bad guys in the Fortnite storyline, it looks like they aren't working alone.


Note: This article contains spoilers. Readers discretion is advised.

Why is Dr. Slone in Metropolis?

Popular data miner ShiinaBR revealed some images that happen to be a page from Issue #6 of the Batman x Fortnite comics. In these images we see Dr. Slone talking to someone who seems oddly familiar.

You guessed it right, that's Lex Luthor. She's seen sitting in an arm chair with an I.O. Guard in what looks like Lex's chambers. Shiina says in the tweet that they're in Gotham but then we know Lex Luthor is based out of Metropolis.


They've had some sort of a deal and

has lived up to his end of the bargain. What this bargain is, I'm not sure but I don't like the sound of that at all.

Moreover, this goes on to prove that Lex Luthor is very much aware of the I.O. and the Zero Point itself. I'm not sure where this is heading but it isn't looking to great for Batman for now.


Finally, Lex asks Slone about her end of the bargain. Apparently she's lived up to it too. And it looks like there's a new rift that has opened up behind the Daily Planet.

Given that we'll be seeing Superman in the game shortly, this rift could be a way for him to enter the island. Would that set up a potential fight between Batman and Superman? Or will they end up working together? This is a question that'll be answered with time!