Some Really Unexpected Participants Are Set To Join The Fortnite Universe!

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The Batman x Fortnite comics have been providing a nice narrative for a while now. As promised during launch, these comics were supposed to reveal the antagonist in Fortnite.

The information that we have for now, points are a really unexpected villain. Moreover, it looks like the storyline will continue beyond the six issues of the Batman x Fortnite comics.

Note: This article contains potential spoilers. Readers' discretion is advised.

What surprises do the comics have in store for us?

Back in April, popular data miner ShiinaBR had said that there would be a few surprise reveals in the final issue of the comics. It was too early to guess who these characters were but we've got some really interesting evidence now.

ShiinaBR recently revealed that Lex Luthor and The Batman Who Laughs are the two potential characters that we may see in the final issue of the comics. Lex Luthor is the evil mastermind genius and has gone toe to toe with the Justice League and Superman on multiple occasions.

The Batman Who Laughs is Bruce Wayne from the Dark Multiverse. He's pretty much a hybrid of The Joker and Batman making him a very dangerous enemy.

How they all fit in the Fortnite universe is still unclear but there's a possibility that we may see these two characters in the comics. And if we do see them in the comics, there's a high chance that we may see them as skins/NPCs in the game as well.

The last bit is still unconfirmed for now. But every single character in the comics have either been skins in Fortnite or they've been NPCs. So there's a high chance that Lex Luthor and the Batman Who Laughs will also receive their own skins in the comics too.


Issue #6 of the Fortnite x Batman comics goes live on July 6th. And that surprisingly happens to be the date the Fortnite 17.20 update goes live. If these two characters are coming to the island, then trust me, the Fortnite lore just got way more interesting.

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