Where To Leave An IO Car At An Alien Settlement In Fortnite

If you love being mischievous, you will definitely love this Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenge. All you need to do is pick up an IO vehicle and make your way to an alien settlement.

Once you've driven into an alien settlement, all you need to do is leave the vehicle there. But where do you find all these necessary ingredients to manage your mischief?

Where to find an IO car in Fortnite?

Finding an IO car in Fortnite is a piece of cake. All you need to do is head into one of the satellite bases and you're good to go.

Each satellite base will have at least two to three cars. You only need one to complete this challenge.

If you don't know where all these locations are, here's a map to help you out with them.

Fortnite IO car locations
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Image via Fortnite.gg

As shown in the map, there are six different satellite bases, each with their own set of IO cars. Other than that, you can get your hands on an IO car at Corny Complex too.

Once you've got yourself an IO car, you need to find an alien settlement.

In fact, if you manage to shoot the tires of this IO car, you will end up receiving XP for completing a Fortnite week 14 challenge.

Where to find an alien settlement in Fortnite?

The only known major alien settlement is at Holly Hatchery. I was under the impression that the aliens would take over some more POIs but they've given up on the idea I think.

That being said, all you need to do is drive your car inside one of the alien biomes at Holly Hatchery and you're done with this Fortnite weekly challenge.

The easiest way to complete this challenges would be by making your way to the satellite station near Sludgy Swamp (yeah they changed the name because no Slurp factory here anymore). Pick up the car from there and make your way to Holly Hatchery.

Also, the place is still crawling with aliens, so don't let them see you when you abandon the ride!

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