Where To Find Alien Parasites In Fortnite

Epic Games really went all out with Fortnite Season 7. From new weapons to a new biome, they did it all.

They've also managed to add alien parasites to the games. These alien parasites work as performance boosters. But they come at a price.

The Alien parasites in Fortnite have undergone a lot of changes over the days, and now are better optimized, so to speak. They give you the same amount of benefits but they don't consume too much of your health.

Fortnite alien parasite locations

There are a few Fortnite weekly challenges associated with the Alien Parasites in Fortnite season 7. So before we head on into the challenges, where do we find these alien parasites.

Since we're pretty far into the season, we might encounter alien parasites all over the map. However, the best chance of encountering one would be at Holly Hatchery.

That POI is an alien biome right now, and contains all kinds of alien things, from parasites to trespassers.

You could also find them attached to animals. Just like enemy loopers, they make the other animals aggressive too. So be careful.

Also, if you want to pick up the alien parasite, don't shoot at it. Shoot at the animal directly.

Once you come across a live alien parasite, you'll end up being infected. The alien parasite will sit on your head and take some health from you.

But in turn, you'll get a movement boost. This however, doesn't affect your shields.

Once you've gotten yourself an alien parasite, make your way to Lazy Lake or Pleasant Park. Choose a location that is closer to you.

Once there, use a dance emote, and you'll complete a Fortnite Season 7 Week 11 challenge. If you can manage to take a dip on your way to the above mentioned POIs, you will end up completing another challenge.

But remember, when you take a dip, the alien parasite will dislodge from you. So you will have to go back to it and in order to pick it up again.

And that's it. These two challenges are by far the easiest challenges in the game. Have fun.

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