Fortnite Survey Leaks Dozens of New Skins

A new Fortnite survey might have given us a glimpse at a substantial batch of upcoming Fortnite skins. Twitter user LeakySussed posted several screenshots showing dozens of possible Fortnite skins sourced from a recent survey asking fans what they’d want to see in future Fortnite updates.

The interesting thing about these is that we don’t typically see the potential skins Epic asks about in the surveys.

Usually, it’s just a list of possible crossovers Epic polls readers with, as with this poll from 2020. Then dataminers might find leaked files ahead of launch, such as they did for the Fortnite Aloy crossover — assuming the files aren’t encrypted, of course.

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Fortnite Survey Leaks Dozens of New Skins

There are far too many possible Fortnite skins to post, but a number of them look like possible Halloween skins, including a zombie koala, glowing skeleton, man with an oni mask, and some more general gothic-spooky skins.

It’s not just Halloween, though.

There’s also more Peeley, Christmas-tree Guff, Anubis, and some other, less easy-to-categorize skins. One thing that’s notably absent is crossover skins, however, though we’d be surprised if Epic didn’t keep those cards close to its chest.

Whether these will be included at intervals throughout the year or as part of Epic’s possible loyalty program remains to be seen. Of course, none of these are confirmed either. They're just concepts Epic wanted to test and see how well they resonated with fans.

[Source: @LeakySussed)

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