Epic Games Might Be Teasing the Arrival of Spiderman in Fortnite

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Collaborations are not a new deal for Fortnite anymore. In fact, there have been times when Epic Games has been extremely blunt about their collaborations.

On other times, they've been very subtle about it. They've included subtle teasers in all their posts whenever they've wanted to be sneaky about their collaborations.

A similar thing was noticed this time as well, and it has gotten fans really hyped up.

When is Spiderman coming to Fortnite?

Truth be told, we're not sure if Spiderman will be coming to Fortnite anytime soon. However, there are a few indicators that have caused us to believe in his arrival to the island.

First of all, there have been a few promotional posters that have been spotted with spider webs. Now, given that it's Fortnitemares season, there's a high chance that this could be related to the event only.

However, two promotional items with spider webs in the background? Well that's too much of a coincidence. At least that's what the community believes.

Secondly, one of the spiders in the spider webs bore an odd resemblance to the spider that we see on Spidey's suit.

We know that Epic Games has had a long standing collaboration with Marvel. Moreover, Venom and Carnage are two characters that are seen in the Marvel universe. However, their rights are owned by Sony.

Since Venom and Carnage are both in Fortnite at this point of time, it can be assumed that Epic Games has a standing partnership with Sony. So Spiderman coming to Fortnite wouldn't be that much of a surprise to the community.

Spiderman: No Way Home is all set to go live in December. And if there is a collaboration that has indeed happened, I wouldn't be too surprised to see a Spiderman Fortnite skin sometime around December this year.

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