Fortnite Beach Jules Skin Changes and Refund Message Explained

Image of the Jules skin in Fortnite.

Image of the Jules skin in Fortnite.

Today, May 3, the third update of Chapter 3 Season 2 came to Fortnite. The returning Star Wars content, including some new challenges to complete, were the main draw, but some other changes have been made. Changes have been made to the Fortnite Beach Jules skin, and those changes have been followed by some confusion around refunds and in-game messages.

Below, we'll go over what exactly the recent changes to the skin have been, as well as clear up the confusion around the in-game message and the refund details that have emerged.

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Beach Jules Skin Changes in Fortnite

The changes are actually pretty minimal. Epic Games has changed the skin tone of the Beach Jules Skin slightly so that it's more like a previous version of the outfit.

Everything else with the skin remains the same, but Epic understands that not everyone will be happy with the changes so have offered anyone who purchased it the chance to get a refund.

Beach Jules Skin Refund Message

If you load up the game now, a message will show that says "We've made some changes to this cosmetic. If you are no longer satisfied with your purchase, you can request a refund anytime before June 2, 2022 using the in-game flow (no refund token required). Thanks for playing!"

The issue is, that message will show whether you own the Beach Jules skin in Fortnite or not, which has led to the confusion.

It initially seems like everyone has been given the skin, and therefore the chance to get a refund. However, that's just an illusion. While the message is appearing for eveyone, those who didn't already have the skin haven't been granted it and pressing the claim option will not actually do anything.

Fortnite players are plastering screenshots of the message all over Twitter, wondering what to do with the skin they think they have been given. Should they accept it or refund it?

The best thing to do if you haven't bought the Beach Jules skin before is to ignore the message that has popped up today. You haven't been given anything for free today, unfortunately.

To clear it all up, Epic Games has since release the following message:

"The message about tokenless refund for Beach Jules outfit was mistakenly sent to everyone, not just players who had the outfit. If you do not currently own the item, clicking the "Claim" button will not do anything. We apologize for the confusion."

If anything else is said about the Beach Jules skin following this confusion, or any other changes are made to skins in Fortnite, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, it's time to start getting excited about the Star Wars skins that are due to return to the game tomorrow to celebrate May 4.

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