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Final Fantasy Origin: Leaks And Everything We Know So Far

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The new Final Fantasy PS5 exclusive game Final Fantasy Origin is all but confirmed at this point, following several leaks later confirmed by industry insiders.


Final Fantasy Origin is reportedly a partnership between Square Enix and Team Ninja, makers of the Nioh games, and will be a difficult, “Souls-like” game.

It’s set in the world of the first Final Fantasy, which presents plenty of opportunities for storytelling.

The original Final Fantasy features a handful of characters and a rudimentary storyline revolving around Garland and the quest for the elemental crystals — and that’s about it.

Here’s everything we know so far.

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Final Fantasy Origin - E3 2021 Latest News

9 June - Oh No. Latest rumours suggest that Square Enix might not feature any big Final Fantasy series news at their E3 2021 press conference.

This is according to ResetERA forums member Sasliquid (Via wccftech.com). Supposedly, the information was also subsequently verified by the ResetERA forums administrations team. This might suggest the conference will focus on more Western titles like Marvel Avengers, Outriders and the like.

We really hope this is off base, but we're going to start preparing ourselves for the possibility of no big Final Fantasy news.


7 June - Square Enix didn't say Final Fantasy Origin will feature during its E3 2021 showcase, but then again, they wouldn't.

The game has yet to be announced, though if the leak is true, we'll see an announcement and potentially a demo during E3.

What Is Final Fantasy Origin

Final Fantasy Origin is the rumored title of the upcoming Final Fantasy PS5 exclusive, Action-RPG, not to be confused with Final Fantasy Origins, which was a repackaging of the first two games for the original PlayStation.

Noted ResetERA leaker Navtra said it’s a mixture of Dark Souls and Nioh, with punishing, brutal combat and the most violence of any Final Fantasy game.

Considering Final Fantasy Type-0 made us watch Chocobos bleed out on bombed out city roads, that’s quite the claim.

However, it will also offer difficulty options, and Navtra said it’s more than just a Final Fantasy version of Nioh.

Is Final Fantasy Origin Canon


Final Fantasy Origin is supposed to take place in the world of the original game, but it’s a spinoff.

Even still, Final Fantasy canon is a somewhat loose concept anyway, considering the games rarely feature continuing storylines and, as with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Square Enix is content to shift the lore around at will.

Final Fantasy Origin Demo

Square Enix will reportedly release a Final Fantasy Origin demo during E3 2021.

Final Fantasy Origin Release Date

There's no solid word yet on when we can expect Final Fantasy Origin to release.

Final Fantasy Origin Platforms

The game is initially a PS5 exclusive though some rumors suggest it will also come to PC later.

Final Fantasy Origin Trailer

Rumors also say Square Enix will reveal Final Fantasy Origin during E3 or shortly before, so check back later for the FF Origin reveal trailer.

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