How To Watch the FFXIV World First Race - Dragonsong's Reprise Streams

The FFXIV World First race for the Dragonsong's Reprise has begun, and there can only be one winner. A team of winners, technically, but you get the idea. It's the first time in and around 18 months that top-tier raids have had the 'Extreme' content they crave, birthing a FFXIV World First livestream race that usually lasts the better part of a week straight.

Down below, we're going to outline the best place to watch the Final Fantasy XIV World First race whether you're looking for a full squad POV or just the experience of your prefered class. If you're hoping to clear it yourself, watching someone play your role in there can help. But if you're just here for entertainment, watching a full team fight can be exhilarating.

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Where to Watch the FFXIV World First Race - Dragonsong's Respite Streamers


As has been the case with previous Savage and Extreme content, MogTalk has a wonderful setup for the FFXIV World First race. Throughout the Dragonsong's Respite event, they host a bunch of streams at one time and call in popular FFXIV streamers and content creators to commentate the live progression.

They do it all for charity, as well, so you can feel extra good about watching. It's a group cast, though, so you'll struggle to see individual players perform their roles. It's not great for learning - though you do get the entire context of the fight in one stream - but it's perfect for keeping up with the action.


For a clean view of the FFXIV World First race, Shenpai is the stream for you. It's another Warrior/tank POV, but there's no facecam getting in the way of the chatbox and anything underneath it. If you don't want to miss a thing, go for this one.

The FFXIV world first race brings Thordan Extreme to the table.
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Long-time FFXIV streamer and avid raider XenosysVen has streamed his own top-tier raid progression for years. Part of one of the very serious World First progression streams, he's one to watch if you're looking for a Tank POV of Dragonsong's Respite.


Another long-time Final Fantasy streamer, Mr. Happy delivers the Bard/ranged DPS Dragonsong's Respite POV this time around. He's a pillar of the Final Fantasy XIV community with plenty of helpful guides up on his YouTube channel.


Momo brings the daunting task of healing an Ultimate fight this time around, flip-flopping between Scholar and Sage as the team requires. There's a lot to learn with this fight, and with everything being so down to the wire, healers are sure to learn some valuable skills by watching her pump out numbers at a moment's notice.


Singaporean streamer Stal is celebrating her fourth Twitch partner anniversary just as the FFXIV world first race kicks off again. She's covering the Bard/ranged DPS POV just like Mrhappy, but she's doing it with her usual Vtuber flair. It's a calmer stream.

It's early hours for North American streams right now, so we'll jump back into this to add some more stream links as and when they arrive. For extra context, check out the MogTalk FFXIV world first race progression trackers from previous events to gauge just how long the latest Extreme fight could take to clear.

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