Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 Has Nearly 100 New Trophies

Final Fantasy XIV on PS5 is getting a whole new set of trophies set to go live when the FFXIV PS5 beta releases April 13.

And there’s quite a few of them.

FFXIV on PS5 has a total of 91 trophies, which sounds like a lot until you realize completing all four expansions spans at least 200 hours.

53 of those trophies are tied to A Realm Reborn, with the remaining scattered throughout the three expansions.

This list will likely grow once FFXIV Endwalker releases later in 2021.

However, it doesn’t seem as if FFXIV 5.5 will be adding anything substantial enough to warrant a trophy.

Slaying Diamond Weapon will have to be a reward in itself, achievement hunters.

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Final Fantasy XIV Has Nearly 100 New Trophies

Like the streamlined A Realm Reborn itself, FFXIV PS5 trophies are much less grindy than their PS4 counterparts.

Instead of crafting thousands of item as each class, for example, you’ll unlock trophies based on grand totals of items synthesized, regardless of class.

The FFXIV PS5 trophy list also shows a greater understanding of how people play the game, such as giving you several trophies for clearing a set number of dungeons and FATES or from maxing out character classes.

Most of them revolve around completing main story quests, however.

Of course, FFXIV PS5 trophies are for your own satisfaction.

You’ll still need to complete in-game achievement tasks to earn certificates for rarer items and armor.

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