Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 Launches on April 12

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Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 has a confirmed release date, launching on April 12. Promising a new story and characters, that's called Newfound Adventure and this latest update has showcased dungeons and bosses in the trailer below.

A special website detailing some of the new features in Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 also launched, revealing new challenges, bosses, raids, and raid dungeons to participate in. Additionally, fans can expect numerous fixes that should improve the overall Final Fantasy XIV experience.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 Launches on April 12

Newfound Adventure ensures that Final Fantasy XIV will be continuing for a fairly long time, as it still remains widely considered to be the best MMORPG available today.

Interested players can pick up Final Fantasy XIV right now on PS4, PS5, and PC, while the 6.1 Newfound Adventure update launches on April 12.

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