Final Fantasy XIV Server Congestion Expected for Endwalker’s Release

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Square Enix has warned players that Final Fantasy 14 servers could experience congestion issues when Endwalker releases. Having previously outlined measures to combat these problems, they've provided fans with new information.

As seen on Square Enix's website, the Japanese publisher confirmed that they couldn't get the resources to create more Final Fantasy XIV servers in time. As such, they're foreseeing renewed server congestion once this expansion arrives.

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Final Fantasy XIV Server Congestion Expected for Endwalker’s Release

Presently, some Final Fantasy 14 servers are already tagged as "Congested." These servers already have some to prevent connection problems getting worse, due to high player traffic.

Providing tips to help players experiencing problems, Square Enix advise to wait out their queue times when logging in and getting into instances. Meanwhile, players will be disconnected from the server if they're inactive for 30 minutes.

If players meet the Error 2002, their selected Final Fantasy 14 server is currently holding a massive queue of other players getting in. Players can either wait it out or return at a later time. Final Fantasy 14's Endwalker update will be live this December 7, 2021.

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