Final Fantasy XIV - How to Get Zonureskin Maps?

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Final Fantasy XIV involves learning a lot of combat roles with various classes, raiding, and learning mechanics. That being said, there’s no reason for the game to not be fun, and you can find some relaxation by leveling the Crafting and Gathering classes, playing minigames in the Gold Saucer, or going on an adventure opening Treasure Maps.

Today we’re gonna talk about the Zonureskin Maps, bottled maps that you can obtain in many ways that give you access to a variety of special Duties that can be really fun to do, on top of being a great way to get some Gil.

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How to Get Timeworn Zonureskin Maps?

First off, you can farm one Timeworn Zonureskin Map every 18 hours. When you obtain the first, an 18-hour timer will begin and you will have to wait until the next one becomes available. You can also obtain one as a reward for completing a Wondrous Tails journal and buy them in the market, but that takes more time and money, which kinda opposes the point of Treasure Hunting.

While looking for maps, keep in mind that you're looking for the Zonureskin Map because you can get other map versions that will trigger the 18-hour timer, which you don't want. The farming locations for the maps are the following, depending on your Gathering class of choice:

Timeworn Zonureskin Map Farming Locations


  • Hare Among Giants, Lakeland (12.3x-10.5y)
  • Ladle, Amh Araeng (16.1x-30.0y)
  • Scree, Kholusia (13.7x-14.4y)
  • The Wild Fete, The Rak'tika Greatwood (27.0x-24.6y)
  • Weed, Lakeland (25.2x-29.9y)


  • The Church of the First Light, Lakeland (35.4x-14.6y)
  • The Wild Fete, The Rak'tika Greatwood (25.7x-28.9y)
  • Amity, Kholusia (22.3x-18.2y)
  • Mount Biran Mines, Amh Araeng (16.6x-11.6y)


  • The Tempest, The Caliban Gorge, Purpure (34x-31y)
    Bait: Any
    Snagging required
  • The Tempest, The Norvrandt Slope (29-15x,-3y)
    Bait: Versatile Lure
    Snagging required

After you decipher them, you will see a cross marking a hidden spot in a specific zone but with no coordinates in it, so you will have to try to recognize the place in the game map. Once you get there, use the Dig action, and this will prompt a group of enemies to spawn, which you have to defeat to obtain the rewards of the Treasure.

When you defeat all the enemies, you have a chance to get a teleport gate popping up, that will take you to any of the Treasure Duties "The Dungeons of Lyhe Ghiah" and "The Shifting Oubliettes of Lyhe Ghiah". These Duties will involve several RNG-based fights across various stages and are capable of rewarding you with expensive materials, emotes, minions, and a lot of Gil, if luck is on your side.

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How to maximize the amount of Zonureskin Maps you can have?

At any time, you can hold only one Timeworn Zonureskin Map and one deciphered Zonureskin Map in your inventory, but you have the possibility of storing more in the following ways:

  • One in each of your Retainers’ inventories
  • One in your Chocobo Saddlebag
  • 20 in your in-game mailbox. Since you can send the maps to another player’s mailbox, you can trade maps with another friend in this way, in case you want to store maps if you’re not planning to open them at the moment.

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