FFXIV Chewy Minion - How To Get It

Image of a character with an animal mount in FFXIV.

Image of a character with an animal mount in FFXIV.

There are plenty of minions to accompany you in FFXIV, but the FFXIV Chewy Minion might be the best yet. Added in the recent 6.1 patch, it's far from a fantastical beast or whimsical companion - instead, it's an adorable dog! Unsurprisingly, the chances are you'll want to add this puppy to your roster, so we're here to help.

This guide will break down everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy XIV Chewy minion companion. We'll run through exactly how to get it, as well as looking more deeply into what it is. You'll then be able to recruit it in no time, with a new dog to accompany you on your adventures.

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How Do I Get the FFXIV Chewy Minion?

If you want this pomeranian buddy in FFXIV, here's what you have to do. There are luckily a few methods, each depending on the level of commitment - or cash - you're willing to put into the game.

That's because the easiest way to get the FFXIV Chewy minion is through the in-game marketplace. Players who already own it can put it up for auction, leaving space for you to try and snap it up. Simply head to the Market Board and search for Chewy, and you should see several of the live listings.

Of course, if you don't want to spend your precious in-game currency on Chewy, there are other ways to go about it. Mainly, you'll want to partake in Expeditions, sending your high-level Disciple of Land Retainers on these missions. When they return after a period of time, they'll bring back rewards with them.

These are random, so you won't know what you'll get beforehand. However, there's a chance that the Chewy minion will be among these rewards, so it's certainly worth trying. You never know - you could get the adorable puppy first time! On top of that, it seems like completing Submarine Voyages may also yield Chewy as a reward, though that's unconfirmed.

Image of the FFXIV Chewy minion profile.
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What Is The FFXIV Chewy Minion?

Despite its adorable appearance, the FFXIV Chewy minion doesn't function any differently to other minions in the game. As such, it'll follow you around on your adventures, and even chip in during combat.

Chewy does have attacking capabilities, though they are admittedly quite weak. With 480 HP, 40 ATK and 55 DEF, you won't want to get into huge boss fights with Chewy by your side. Its special move is called Winsome Woof though, which is more than charming enough to justify its place on your roster.

That's it for our look at the FFXIV Chewy minion! Why not also check out how to get the new FFXIV Pod mount? We've also got tips for the FFXIV Ishgard Housing mechanics, as well as a look at what the 6.1 update has added.

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