FIFA 22: EA Sports Issue Hacking Scandal Statement

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EA Sports have today issued a statement regarding recent allegations of hacking that has taken place across their Ultimate Team game mode.

Here is everything you need to know about the scandal so far, including the response from EA Sports themselves.

High Profile Hacking

The statement comes after reports that thousands of FIFA Ultimate Team accounts have been hacked in recent weeks, including those of high profile names within the FIFA community, including the likes of Bateson87, who has over 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube.

It is alleged that hackers have been able to access the accounts simply by logging into the EA Help live chat service and requesting to change the linked email address on each account.

Whilst EA Sports are supposed to go through a number of verification steps in order to complete such a request, it seems as though this has been ignored, with email changes granted to those who provided a valid Gamertag or PSN ID.

Those who hacked into the accounts not only gained access to the players club, they also gained access to a host of personal information, which can be used at a later date to regain access to the accounts once the rightful owner takes control back.

EA Sports Statement

EA Sports have confirmed that there has been "account takeover attempts" and that they are currently investigating the claims.

“We’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating.

"More information on how to secure your account, including how to enable two-factor authentication, can be found at EA Help.”

We will update you with any further information regarding the hacking scandal as and when we have it.

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