FIFA 21 TOTS LIVE: Ultimate TOTS In Packs, Full Squads, Leaks, Predictions, SBCs, Objectives And Everything We Know So Far

The Team of the Season is nearing its end, but there's a big seven days in store before the curtain is drawn!

The Ultimate Team of the Season has landed in game, with plenty of star names in the side.

Here is everything you need to know.

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The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. Well, sort of!

A Deluxe TOTS SBC has landed in FIFA, which guarantees FUT fanatics a 90+ rated player from one of the top five leagues in Europe.

The Ultimate TOTS Guaranteed SBC is expected to land later this week.

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Ultimate Team of the Season Revealed!

The Ultimate Team of the Season is here, and it is better than we could have ever imagined!

Lionel Messi, Crisitano Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski lead the way in terms of their ratings, though every memeber of the squad is a 91-rated or above.

You can find the full side below.

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Ultimate TOTS Arrives Today!

The Team of the Season promotion will end next Friday, but not before we get one last hurrah...

The Ultimate Team of the Season has been confirmed, and it will arrive later today (Friday, June 4th).

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The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe are expected to feature in what is set to be the last big promotion before the start of the European Championships.

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Ligue 1 Arrives!

The fifth and final of the major league has landed in the Team of the Season promotion.

A 97-rated Kylian Mbappe leads the way, with a 96-rated Neymar Jr following closely behind.

You can find the full squad below.

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Release Date

TOTS arrives in FIFA 21 on Friday 23rd April 2021.

The event will run until roughly June 18th 2021.

TOTS Schedule

Here's what we expect the release schedule to look like:

  • April 24th - May 1st - Community Voted & Football League 
  • May 1st - May 8th - Premier League & Saudi League 
  • May 8th - May 15th - Bundesliga & Liga NOS
  • May 15th - May 22nd - La Liga & Super Lig
  • May 22nd - May 29th - Serie A & Eredivisie
  • May 29th - June 5th - Ligue 1 & Latin America TOTSSF
  • June 5th - June 12th - Chinese Super League & MLS
  • June 12th - June 19th - Ultimate TOTSSF & Rest of the World TOTSSF

What is TOTS?

The Team of the Season promotion takes the best players from the top leagues all over the world and rewards them with a special, one-time upgraded card.

The stats on these cards far outweigh the base ratings that the players are awarded at the beginning of the FUT year and, as a result, they come at a premium cost.

The TOTS squads are released in stages, with EA categorising the players by their domestic league.

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What to Expect

You can expect to see a large number of TOTS squads arrive in FIFA Ultimate Team when the promotion begins.

If past releases are to go by, then we can expect to see a Wednesday/Friday release, with the main leagues coming on the Friday evening in the premium slot.

We're expecting to see the following this year:

There will be plenty coming, we've just got to keep patient.

FUT Champs Rewards

TOTS cards will replace the usual TOTW player picks during the duration of TOTS.

So how will the Team of the Season picks work?

We've not had official confirmation on how the FIFA 21 TOTS Player Picks will work, though we can use the formula's from past FIFA's to give you a fair estimate.

You will have to reach a minimum of Silver 2 to qualify for a TOTS player in your Player Picks, though the better you do, the higher your chances of a top-tier TOTS player will be:

  • Silver 2 or higher: Player Picks will be capped at 88 OVR
  • Gold 2 or higher: A minimum of 1 TOTS item from that week's Friday release will be in any Player Pick packs earned
  • Elite 3 or higher: Elite TOTW Packs will be replaced with a TOTS Pack containing 3 TOTS Players from the specified League
  • Top 100: Ultimate TOTW Packs will be replaced with a TOTS Pack containing 11 TOTS Players from the specified League

Premier League

Community TOTS

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Premier League

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SBC's & Objectives

The SBC's & Objectives cards have already began to arrive in Ultimate Team.

Here is what we have so far

Head here to find out how to unlock the Stoke City star.

TOTS Party Bag And Guaranteed TOTS SBCs

EA has been active with their Party Bag SBC's so far this year, and we can expect to see more when the TOTS comes around.

We were also treated to an Ultimate TOTS Party Bag last year, which we're hoping will make a return in FIFA 21.

Flashback & TOTS Moments

As far as SBC and Objectives cards go, we can expect to see a host of Flashback and TOTS Moments cards.

These spots are usually reserved for players who the community want to see included, but haven't quite done enough to make the main squad release.

Daily Challenges

We can also expect EA to bring the Daily SBC Challenges to the TOTS release.

We have seen similar during the FUT Birthday promotion, with rewards getting progressively better with each day you complete.

TOTS Objectives

As always, we'll see TOTS cards added weekly as an objective based on the leagues released.

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