24 Feb 2021

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday: Release Date, Predictions, Party Bag, Card Designs, SBC, Objectives And Everything You Need To Know

FIFA 21 marks the 12th birthday of the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, and to celebrate FUT’s Birthday, we’ll be expecting a top-level event stacked with FUT fan favourite players with game-breaking boosts!

Coming around the end of March, when FUT was officially released back in 2009, FUT Birthday will be a 2-week event that plenty can look forward to.

Here’s all the info regarding the event, ranging from the FUT Birthday team, expected release dates, potential card designs, content and everything you need to know to get prepared for the promotion.

FUT Birthday Release Date

While nothing concrete has been announced regarding FUT Birthday as of yet, we can make a relatively accurate prediction based on the event in previous years.

Given that FUTs official birthday is on March 19, with the debut coming in 2009, we can expect a release date on the closest Friday to this date this year. That would put FIFA 21’s FUT Birthday promotion at a start date on Friday 19th March, lasting for 2 weeks until Friday 2nd April.

Last year, FUT Birthday didn’t start until slightly later, around March 27, so there’s potential for it to arrive later if promotions like Shapeshifters and Carniball come shortly before.

FUT Birthday Card Design

So far, we haven’t had any official FUT Birthday card designs through, however, we’ve had some awesome concepts drawn up, and this is what the FUT Birthday card could look like!

FUT Birthday Squads

The main selling points of the FUT Birthday events in previous years have been the FUT Birthday squads, that should feature two teams full of stars that add to the pool of meta players in FIFA Ultimate Team.

Last year, FUT Birthday focused on popular players, however, added boosted Skill Move and Weak Foot players into the mix, with 5* boosts and occasionally double boosts granted to popular cards within FUT.

For example, last year we saw the likes of a 5* Skill, 5* Weak Foot Mbappe, as well as a 5* 5* Saint-Maximin, which proved to be some of the best cards in the game even in late March, proving the potential of the cards released during FUT Birthday!

We’ll be posting some high-level FUT Birthday predictions closer to the release of the promotion, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Other Expected FUT Birthday Content

FUT Birthday in previous years has been an event that is heavily centred around pack sales, so don’t be too surprised if this is a pretty pack heavy event. Nevertheless, we can expect a fair bit of non-pack content, including:

  • Party Bag SBCs
  • FUT Birthday & Flashback Player SBCs
  • Upgrade & Pack SBCs
  • FUT Birthday Objectives
  • Extra Weekend League Player Picks
  • Engagement Rewards
  • Promo Packs

Party Bag SBCs

Introduced back in FUT 20’s FUT Birthday event for the first time, Party Bag SBCs should return again this year, offering FUT players the opportunity to earn players from a select number of promotions, such as Future Stars, Carniball, Shapeshifters and FUT Birthday.

FUT Birthday, Player Moments & Flashback Player SBCs

In FUT 20, we saw a whole host of FUT Birthday (Manolas, Pope, Rodrigo, Sarr, Bergwijn, Amavi and Ozil), Player Moments (Ramsey) and Flashback (Ogbonna, Taarabt, Biabiany and Hulk) Player SBCs, celebrating some fan favourite players in previous FIFAs. These should easily return this year in FUT 21.

Upgrade & Pack SBCs

Definitely expect upgrades to return for FUT Birthday in FUT 21, with things like the 2x81+, 82-88, 83+ and 80+ Player Picks returning. 

Alongside this, in previous years we’ve had daily FUT Birthday themed SBCs around players that were popular in previous FIFAs, ranging from FUT 09 all the way through to FUT 19. We expect more of the same this year!

FUT Birthday Objectives

As is the case with all promotions, look out for objectives. Last year we had a total of 4 FUT Birthday Player Objectives to complete over the course of the event.

Extra WL Player Picks

Another addition into objectives, last year during FUT Birthday we had extra red player picks available as an extra incentive to engage with FUT Champs. With 3 extra picks up for grabs, 1 each for 10, 18 and 24 wins, this offered a chance at all players up until TOTW 29, meaning some top-level players were potentially up for grabs.

Engagement Rewards

Throughout FUT 20’s FUT Birthday, every day new objectives were released that allowed players to work towards some engagement themed rewards, with greater offers available for continued engagement throughout the event.

Promo Packs

Promo Packs will also be a staple of the event, with lightning rounds at peak times around the release of the FUT Birthday squads, and daily store refreshes of high value packs.