FIFA 21: FUT Birthday Renato Sanches Review - Cost, Upgraded Ratings, Links and Everything You Need to Know

Renato Sanches has arrived in the FUT Birthday promotion via this limited-time Squad Building Challenge.

The Portuguese midfielder was a fan favourite in FIFA 17, and he's sure to be the same in FIFA 21 after the release of this stacked card!

Thinking of completing the SBC? Let's run you through everything you need to know!

FUT Birthday Sanches

Boosted stats and a 5* weak foot are the two main areas to delve into here.

5* Weak Foot

The FUT Birthday promotion grants each player a boost to either their weak foot or their skill moves.

EA have opted for the former for the Lille man, which could be crucial for those looking to spread the ball across the park.

Boosted Stats

Renato Sanches has jumped from a 78 OVR to an 87 OVR as a result of this FUT Birthday appearance.

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He has also received some incredible in-game upgrades, with an in-game stats total of a whopping 2497!

Here is a comparison of his FUT Birthday base stats compared to his base card for good measure:

  • PACE - 88 OVR (+9)
  • SHOOTING - 85 OVR (+13)
  • PASSING - 86 OVR (+10)
  • DRIBBLING - 90 OVR (+9)
  • DEFENDING - 83 OVR (+12)
  • PHYSICALITY - 90 OVR (+9)

The shooting and defending boosts are the key here, making Renato's title of 'The Portuguese Gullit' even more appropriate.

In fact, this 87-rated Renato card has a higher number of in-game stats than the 90-rated, mid Ruud Gullit card.


This Sanches SBC will set you back 730,000 coins on PlayStation, 670,000 coins on Xbox and 840,000 coins on PC.

He's not cheap, but he's certainly got the ability to back his hefty price tag!

We'd recommend playing Sanches at the heart of your midfield, so links to centre backs and a striker are the main areas that we will look at here.

In terms of centre backs, we'd recommend either inform Marquinhos or Future Stars Ruben Dias, with the latter great for those looking to build Sanches into a Ligue 1/BPL hybrid.

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The strong link to Future Stars striker Jonathan David is the obvious call up front, though TOTY Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't be bad if you had the spare cash!

If you are playing Renato at the centre of midfield in a hybrid setup, then an ICON link would be very helpful too.

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There are plenty of Portuguese ICONs who would provide a strong link to the Lille man, though Ruud Gullit wouldn't be bad either...


He's one of the most expensive SBC's you'll see this year, but he's also one of the best.

And, despite coming in at around 700,000 coins, we wouldn't say that this card is overpriced.

Be prepared, as you're going to see a lot of this card in Weekend League throughout the rest of the year.

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