FIFA 21: FUT Birthday Gervinho Review - Cost, Upgraded Ratings, Links and Everything You Need to Know

Gervinho has arrived in the FUT Birthday promotion via this limited-time Squad Building Challenge.

The Parma forward is an absolute FIFA legend, who can forget that front three of Gervinho, Doumbia and Ibarbo back in the FIFA 15 days?

He's the man that EA have chose to represent FIFA 15 in their archive through the ages, and with an 87-rated FUT Birthday card, he's one to consider once again.

Here is everything you need to know if you're contemplating adding Gervinho to your side.

FUT Birthday Gervinho

Heavily upgraded stats and boosted skill moves are the two main things to look at here.

5* Skills

The FUT Birthday promotion grants each player a boost to either their weak foot or their skill moves.

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Well thankfully for those who like to bust out the skill moves, Gervinho has seen his skill moves upgrades to 5*!

Boosted Stats

Gervinho has jumped from a 78 OVR to an 87 OVR thanks to this FUT Birthday appearance, with some serious upgrades to his in-game stats too:

  • PACE - 97 OVR (+7)
  • SHOOTING - 85 OVR (+15)
  • PASSING - 85 OVR (+10)
  • DRIBBLING - 88 OVR (+5)
  • DEFENDING - 42 OVR (+7)
  • PHYSICALITY - 68 OVR (+11)

The shooting upgrade is the most significant for those wanting to use the Ivorian in a LW or LF role, whilst the boosted passing is going to bode very well for those deep crosses.


This Gervinho SBC will set you back 205,000 coins on PlayStation, 200,000 coins on Xbox and 245,000 coins on PC.

There is no Doumbia or Ibarbo to link to this year, which is pretty disappointing.

Strong links are few and far between due to the club and country comination of the veteran forward, so if you want Gervinho on full chemistry, you should be looking to build him into a complete Serie A squad.

There are some decent options as far as the Ivory Coast is concerned though.

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Those with a bit of extra cash could look to ICON forward Didier Drogba, though RTTF Kessie and Headliners Wilfried Zaha aren't bad options either.

We'd recommend using Gervinho as an impact sub rather than a starting winger, though you can't go wrong either way.

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He's not the greatest FUT Birthday card of the Team 1 release, but he looks to be a decent option as far as Serie A wingers go.

Unless you're in need of those five star skills, there are better options out there.

At 200k, we'll be giving this a miss.

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