FIFA 20 Ultimate Team News: Changes That Could Greatly Improve FUT 20

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team is without a doubt the most popular game mode on FIFA, it offers many exciting aspects by creating your Ultimate Team, player upgrades and downgrades make each year that much more interesting.

However that isn’t to say it isn’t without its faults and could be improved to be even better; after all nothing is perfect. FUT is changing every year, after the most recent FIFA 20 Pro Clubs Information, we’re excited to hear and see what the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team mode has and play the FIFA 20 demo.

Here are some changes that could be made to greatly improve the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

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Better Rival Rewards System

Currently the rewards system requires you to keep playing in order to maintain a rank, something  that should be considered to change. The rewards system is very dynamic and rewards you for constantly playing and maintaining a rank. Not everyone has time for this, it would be more beneficial to lock in rewards once a rank has been achieved to guarantee those rewards.

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Training Mode

One issue with experimenting on FUT is that you have no idea whether something you've changed tactically has had a major impact without playing a game; you're also unable to try out new players in different scenarios. By adding a training mode, FIFA 20 could greatly improve the user experience, there’s already this functionality in FIFA 20 Pro Clubs, which was recently announced, why not do this for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team?

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Reduce Promos & Stats of Promotional Players

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will become very oversaturated with upgraded players quickly. There are always new promos around the corner, with special cards and people willing to invest the money to obtain them fast. One issue with this is that users quickly generate a fantastic team that makes all future promos and upgrades obsolete. Once the Team of the Year promo starts, it's very rare that players find many that can rival them until the Team of the Season releases 5 months later. In my opinion, the Team of the Year players should have their stats downgraded so there is a natural scale in cards as the year progresses. It wouldn't be a bad thing to reduce the number of promos as it would also increase the value of the team of the week.

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Online Spectator Mode

It's no secret that esports has become a successful and lucrative commodity for FIFA in recent years, FIFA 20 Ultimate Team will be no different. What's stopping FIFA from hitting that next level is broadcasting online tournaments. The infrequency of events was certainly nullified last year with the sheer volume of events, but its profile can be raised even further with tournament organisers and casters being able to stream gameplay from the best in the world, wherever in the world.

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Written byChris Trout@TheTrout91

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